Report: NFL preparing to launch streaming service in July

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The NFL will soon be exploring yet another revenue stream, as the league is set to launch its own streaming service in July, جول العرب يوتيوب per a report Wednesday from Sports Business Journal.

"NFL Plus" would charge customers in the range of $5 a month, with live games streaming to tablets and phones being the primary selling point.

Still, those games would be limited to games fans can already receive in their local markets, which calls into question how valuable a service this might actually be for many fans.

From the NFL's perspective, having access to monthly subscriptions dollars as well as customer data is a highly appealing prospect.

But it remains to be seen what other content in addition to games will be available to draw fan interest.

Possibilities listed by SBJ include podcasts, radio and various team-produced pieces of content.

Multiple media outlets have further speculated that the league may also house its "Sunday Ticket" package within the new format, though the league is currently bidding that package out.

--Field Level Media

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